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3 Creative Ways Retail, Restaurant and Hotel Chains Can Reduce Operating Costs

Posted by Alanna Pashley on Feb 13, 2015 8:00:00 AM


Sourcing_Snow_Plow_ServicesHere at Intesource, part of our full-service e-sourcing solution includes the setup and management of our clients’ RFPs, RFIs, RFQs and competitive reverse auctions. Being in the client services department I have the opportunity to see e-sourcing projects as they come in and to note trends.

Intesource not only helps source products and supplies, but has had great success in services as well.  Some notable recent events include; Lawn Care, Snow Plow, Refrigeration, Masonry, Plumbing, Concrete, Parking Lot Maintenance, Equipment Repair and Roof Repair. These type of events are relevant to all our clients who span the retailer, hotel and restaurant verticals.

    1. Equipment

      For example, we recently ran an event for Refrigeration Systems for a large East Coast Grocery Retailer. They were looking to install a new refrigeration unit in one of their store locations.  Pricing was to include equipment, shipping, installation and testing. This client has ran other successful refrigeration bids for other store locations and provided us with specific vendors they would like to bid. There were five participants who quoted for a savings of $187,000 or 74.21%.

    2. Construction 

      Another client is opening a new store location and decided to run multiple sourcing projects for different parts of the construction: Exterior Signage, Miscellaneous Steel, Concrete Flatwork, VCT and Carpet, and Doors. The events are all run in the same format but have different vendors and scope of work. The results generated soft savings in the form of hours saved, not to mention the cost savings.

    3. Exterior Facilities Maintenance3 Strategies to drive sourcing innovation

      Every fall we run large Snow Plow events for retailers to lock in their contracts before the winter season. Lawn Care is typically run in the beginning of the year before the spring and summer seasons. These events typically have many items and vendors quoting, running the events a few months beforehand gives clients enough time to finalize the contracts before the season starts. The Intesource database is filled with hundreds of contractors around the nation that can service multiple store locations. The items are grouped by region or store location and vendors can bid on the locations they can service. These events are large in scope but Intesource helps centralize data all in one area so it is easy to analyze and compare quotes.

These three examples are just a small sampling of recent successful events that benefit organizations across industry lines. Contact our e-sourcing experts if you're interested in learning more about any of these categories.


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