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When it comes to cost, go the extra mile

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Retail and Grocery Strategies for Cost Containment [Webinar]

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Sourcing Beyond Dollars and Cents

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Sourcing: The Secret Weapon for Managing Your Brand

2015: Our Top 10 Most Read Blogs by Sourcing & Procurement

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Cheat Sheet: Outsourcing vs. Managed Services

A Day of Thanks and Gratitude

Tips to not upset your incumbent when taking their category to bid

Results in sourcing through partnership

8 Clues You’ve Found the Right Sourcing Partner

Is a strategic business partnership a method to drive sourcing savings?

Back to basics: A bit of friendly sourcing advice

Achieving Sourcing Success through the Power of People

4 Sourcing Secrets for Turning Supply Chain Risks into Opportunities

Category Highlight: Background Checks and Drug Testing

3 Essential Steps to Transformational Sourcing

When Your eSourcing Program Fails to Deliver

5 Reasons You No Longer Need eSourcing

Is your indirect spend flying under the procurement radar?

Sourcing and the Cost Avoidance Conundrum

True or False? 4 Misconceptions about eAuctions, Debunked

Everything We Really Need To Know About Sourcing We Learned In Kindergarten

6 Ways to Kick-off Your eSourcing Program Right

The Art of Getting the Best Value with Every Buy

Product Enhancement Requests: How Technology Ideas Are Brought to Life

Why eSourcing Doesn’t Work

Translate Complex Categories Into Productive Sourcing Projects

7 Sourcing Practices for Driving High Financial Impact

3 Opportunities to Reduce Operating Costs & Boost Bottom-Line Growth

Why You Should Expect More From e-Sourcing

e-Sourcing’s Role in Financial Performance: All the Stats, Facts and Data

The Future of Procurement Lies in its People

5 Sourcing Strategies to Take Today's Challenges Head On

Sound Sourcing Strategies: IT Equipment

6 Things to Consider When Sourcing Your Organization’s Very Identity

Survey Reveals 3 Procurement and Sourcing Realities

Food For Thought: Words of Wisdom That Can Be Applied to Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, or the Business Savvy

As a Procurement Professional are YOU Leading the Way?

The Effects of California’s Drought on Your Business

Restaurants: Thriving through Sourcing and Procurement

3 Sourcing Strategies That Procurement Needs to Implement Today

Procurement as a Trusted Adviser in 4 Steps

5 Steps to Procurement Transformation

What spend categories are generating the most value for procurement?

7 Ways Restaurant and Grocery Can Cut Equipment Costs

Sourcing Strategies for Sustained Success

The Key to Unlocking Procurement's Value

e-Sourcing Trends: Take a look back to find your way forward

9 Things to Consider When Developing a Sourcing Policy

Keep Costs Down and Generate Value in the Age of the Unpredictable Consumer

4 Ways to Address Supplier Risk

3 Creative Ways Retail, Restaurant and Hotel Chains Can Reduce Operating Costs

Best Practices for Handling Supply Disruptions

If negotiating the best value is so important, why aren't you using all the tools at your disposal?

Why not all procurement conferences are created equal

2014: Top 10 Blog Posts from the e-Sourcing Society

5 Procurement Resolutions For 2015

Technology and Business Impacts on Industry Supply Chains and Procurement

Warm Holiday Wishes

3 Ways You Can Tackle the Biggest Challenges Facing Procurement

Sourcing Innovation Comes From Within

How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Procurement

Category Highlight: Private Brand Salty Snacks

What does procurement have to be thankful for?

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Is e-Sourcing Right For You? 7 Key Questions to Consider

C-Suite: What Can e-Sourcing Do for You?

For CIOs, Bottom Line Impact is Key to Career Advancement

10 Secrets to Optimizing e-Sourcing ROI Through Adoption

6 Principles of Psychology You Can Use to Improve Your e-Sourcing

Improve Your Company’s Valuation with e-Sourcing

Thinking Off the Shelf: e-Sourcing Savings in Obscure Categories

How Restaurants Can Reduce the Impact of a Minimum Wage Hike

The “e” in e-Sourcing means more than you think

What How to Train Your Dragon Taught Me About e-Sourcing

Remembering Market Basket’s Procurement Excellence

C-Suite Review: 3 Critical Considerations For Your E-Sourcing Program

It’s In The Bag: A Case Study in Sourcing Compliant Retail Bags

How e-Sourcing Makes Sourcing Easier - a Buyer's View

Smart Sourcing With SpartanNash

Infographic: The Procurement Professional's Guide to e-Sourcing Success

7 Things to Remember When Trying e-Sourcing for the First Time

Running E-Sourcing Events: 3 Common Questions that Suppliers Ask

Beat the Competition: 3 Ways Strategic Sourcing Gives You the Edge

Secrets to Vendor Friendly e-Sourcing

11 Insightful Quotes About e-Sourcing

How To Get Your Strategic Sourcing Strategies Right

10 Questions with our Produce e-Sourcing Expert

Effectively communicating with incumbents during an e-sourcing event

World Cup Fever Meets Procurement Technology

The Reverse Auction, Deconstructed in 7 Steps

Strategic Sourcing: 3 Challenges to Continued Success

The ABCs of e-Sourcing

5 Additional Resources to Expand Your e-Sourcing Activity

Strengthening Supplier Relationships Through e-Sourcing

Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 5 Other Ways To Say e-Sourcing

A Success Story: From Tactical to Strategic Sourcing

6 IT Categories You Should be e-Sourcing

The Ugly Stepsisters of Reverse Auctions Aren’t so Ugly

For Procurement Transformation, Total Cost of Ownership is Key

Sourcing Innovation: Speak like a CFO

Cats and e-Sourcing: 6 Surprising Things They Have in Common

7 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With e-Sourcing

E-Sourcing and the Economy

Three Key Strategies for Driving Sourcing Innovation (Part 3)

The Anatomy of a Great Sourcing Strategy

Three Key Strategies for Driving Sourcing Innovation (Part 2)

Intesource and PROACTIS Announce Plans to Join Forces

Three Key Strategies for Driving Sourcing Innovation (Part 1)

Do Reverse Auctions Kill Creativity?

Are there spend categories you're not currently e-sourcing?

4 Strategic Sourcing Benefits for Vendors

Procurement Pros: Rising Supply Prices is Top Threat

What Does California's Drought Mean for Retailers?

An Introduction To e-Sourcing

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What March Madness Can Teach Us About e-Sourcing

9 Go-To Resources About Sourcing Strategies

A Strategic Sourcing Success Story

Stores Closings Reveal the Immense Pressure Facing Retailers

What the Best e-Sourcing Pros Do (and You Should Too)

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest in Sourcing and Procurement Technology

4 Skills That'll Get You to the Top of Your e-Sourcing Game

Everything We Really Need To Know About E-Sourcing We Learned In Kindergarten

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The Biggest Problem With e-sourcing, And How You Can Fix It

13 Helpful Tips For Running a Strategic Sourcing Event

What's Holding You Back? 4 Sourcing Strategies for Success

Procurement Technology Boosts Potential Tobacco Boon For Retailers

How are you gaining acceptance of strategic sourcing in your organization?

Family Dollar Renews Sourcing Partnership with Intesource

Where to Look for e-Sourcing Savings

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Innovation ‘14

Be a Hero: Gain The Edge to Tackle Your Sourcing & Procurement Challenges

New Year’s Resolutions: A Procurement Professional’s Guide to Success

9 Steps to e-Sourcing Success: A Guide for Sourcing & Procurement Professionals

Intesource Launches Mobile App for Procurement Pros

2013: e-Sourcing Society's Most Read Posts

Sourcing & Procurement Professionals: Looking to 2014

3 Common e-Sourcing Concerns That Could Cost You

2013 e-Sourcing Trends: The Year at a Glance

Savings Spotlight: Material Handling Equipment

How procurement can be the customers' hero. Pass down the savings.

Can e-Sourcing work for your company?

From Good to Rock Star Status in e-Sourcing

9 Benefits of e-Sourcing (and cost cutting isn’t one)

Intesource Top 200 Percentage Savers

Reluctant to run an e-sourcing event? You’re not alone.

Do you see yourself as an Innovator?

Award Optimization Version 2.5 Has Reached Lift Off

e-Sourcing: Is Ignorance Bliss?

Innovation '14 - Why & How

e-Sourcing Category Highlight: Uniforms

Are you leaving potential opportunities on the table?

Life in Geek Central

Solving Business Challenges with Intesource, Again!

The [not so] ugly truth about e-sourcing: a message to buyers

Intesource Top 200 Percentage Savers

The Questions Your Vendors Are Asking (part 2)

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e-Sourcing Society Celebrates 100th Post

Summer Fun – How well do you know the Intesource family?

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Innovation '14 Is Headed to San Diego

e-Sourcing Event Terminology

10 e-Sourcing Tips Every Procurement Pro Should Know

The questions your vendors are asking (Part 1)

Do you have the skills CPO's are looking for?

Why suppliers hate e-sourcing.....or do they?

10 Tips to a Productive e-Sourcing Program

Wanted: An RSS Reader

Solving Business Challenges through e-Sourcing

We always knew we were cool!

Keys to e-Sourcing Enlightenment Revealed at RLC

Taking It To The Next Level: ARCOP Extends Partnership

P.F. Chang's & Wegmans Shed Light on e-Sourcing at the RLC

Visibility: Why it Should Matter to You

Intesource Top 200 Percentage Savers

Program Evolution: An Interview with Bashas'

Battling with the biggest of the big-boxes

Turn Up the Volume

Your Savings Aren't As Good As The Other Guy - Part 2

We asked, you answered: Innovation '13 Best Practices in Sourcing Conference Reviews

Annual Innovation Conference: Social Graces and Faux Pas

Intesource Top 200 Percentage Savers

Helpful Tips To Get Started On Your Next e-Sourcing Event

Realize e-Sourcing's Full Potential With Award Optimization

Account Manager: A Day In The Life

Coming Soon To Innovation ’13: Million Dollar Awards

Social Networking: Stay Connected with Intesource

Your Savings Aren't As Good As the Other Guy - Part 1

Additional resources to expand your e-sourcing activity

e-Sourcing Terminology

What are your 2013 e-Sourcing Resolutions?

Top Posts of 2012!

Savings Spotlight: Facility and Maintenance Services

Tips for Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

e-Sourcing and Private Label

Questionnaire's Just Got Easier

Sourcing Confidence by the Numbers

Category Highlights: Cart Cleaning Services

How to capture the best pricing in a volatile marketplace

Are you negotiating over price or cost?

What’s the secret password?

Exploring 3 e-Sourcing Myths

A Bit Of Friendly e-Sourcing Advice

e-Sourcing Supplier Participants: In Their Own Words

Innovation '13 - Better Sourcing Starts Here

Creative Uses of e-Sourcing Tools – Part 2 – A Follow Up on Floor Care Satisfaction

Creative Usage of Price List

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About e-Sourcing Event Options

Supply Chain's Contract Management

5 Questions about Restaurant Costs

Portrait of a New User: Carrie Quigley, Information Technology, PMO: Spartan Stores

Procurement Continues to Raise Its Game

Commodity Highlight: August

How to Run a Successful e-Auction

Shriveling Crops Threaten Costs

Creative Uses of e-Sourcing Tools – Part I

Intesource Top 200 Percentage Savers

How is Procurement's Performance Measured?

Supplier Research: Are There Any Other Fish In The e-Sourcing Sea?

Client Services e-Sourcing Coordinator: A day in the life

3 Common e-Sourcing Concerns

3 Steps Keep Fear From Stealing Your e-Sourcing Success

Gabriel Gabaldon, Tech Nerd/Alaskan Fishing Boat Captain – A Profile Of An e-Sourcing Professional

Three e-Sourcing Land Mines Hinder Long-Term Success

The Value of Full Service e-Sourcing

Brian Miller, Event Savant: A Profile Of An e-Sourcing Professional

Category Highlights: Floor Care Services

A Snapshot of Recent e-Sourcing Wins

Commodity Highlight: May

10 Questions To Ask Before You e-Source

Gartner Supply Chain Conference: Will you be there?

By Popular Demand: Customizable Columns

Category Highlights: Benefit Consulting Services

The Importance of Specs

Intesource Top 200 Percentage Savers

A Portrait of an Auctioneer: Spartan Stores' Craig Green

RFI: The most underrated tool in procurement

e-Sourcing Obstacles: The Fear of Change

Commodity Highlight

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Category Highlights: IT Hardware & Services

The Lowdown on Incumbent Supplier Participation

e-Sourcing: Same Category Sustainability (cont.)

e-Sourcing: Same Category Sustainability…..

Do you utilize e-sourcing in your organization?

Innovation '12: It's a Wrap

e-Sourcing benefits beyond cost savings…..

e-Sourcing: The Skinny

Communication is Key

Boosting Buyer Buy-In

Go Forward (with Forward Auctions):

And Survey Says ...

A Sneak Peek at Innovation '12

Back To Basics: The 3 building blocks of e-sourcing success

Your NEW New Year's Resolution

Innovation '12: Why it's Worth the Trip