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Kelly Deacon

Kelly joined Intesource in 2006 with experience in both client services and advertising. Kelly spent 5 years at Continental Promotion Group (CPG) managing targeted marketing initiatives for major retailers. Prior to her work at CPG Kelly worked 3 years in the advertising industry with one of the most recognized names in the restaurant industry. Kelly heads up the marketing team and is responsible for managing client relationships, sales support, and marketing strategy. Kelly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from Oregon State University (Go Beavers!).
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Communication in Procurement: Back to Basics

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Sep 15, 2016 8:35:00 AM

Fast Company’s Gwen Moran recently published an article entitled 8 Ways To Put Anyone At Ease; Eight strategies for being more approachable and fine-tuning your communication skills. Although we talk a lot on this blog about the importance of communication; both with stakeholders (Boosting Buyer Buy-In and Leveraging Sourcing & Procurement's Forward Thinkers) as well as with leadership (When Your Sourcing Program Falls Short of Expectations and What's Holding You Back? 4 Sourcing Strategies for Success), this article got me thinking about the importance of how we present ourselves to others in the most basic of ways.

Everyone agrees that there has been an evolution of sorts - the stakes are higher and procurement plays an important role in the organization. Success is based, in part, on our ability to influence, persuade, and affect those around us. If we’re successful in these areas our odds have having a meaningful impact on the success of the organization increase substantially.

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Sourcing Strategies for Sustained Success

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Sep 2, 2016 8:30:00 AM

This post originally appeared in March of 2015 after Innovation '15, our annual user conference and procurement best practices pow wow. 

Now, as we inch closer toward our Innovation '16 gathering, attendees can get a taste of what they have to look forward to. {HINT: It's not too late to register!)

Without further ado!

We just wrapped up Innovation 2015, our annual sourcing best practices conference. There were a ton of terrific business leaders in attendance, including executives from top companies such as Rite Aid, Wegmans, The Container Store and Meijer, along with industry thought leaders from The Nielson Group, Spend Matters, The Ferrari Consulting & Research Group and Lunney Advisory Group

A lot of insights were uncovered and shared at Innovation. For all the details, the conference recap is a must-read! In the meantime, here are some highlights from the conference focused on the right strategies for success.

The global supply chain is being impacted by a variety of factors, and it’s up to procurement leaders to not only ensure their organizations are aware of these forces, but also leverage them to create positive business outcomes.  Which trends should procurement and sourcing executives pay attention to?

  • Today’s consumers are more empowered than ever, demanding quality, responsibly-sourced products and niche options, which is forcing organizations to change how they manufacture, source, market and sell goods and services, since catering to these demands require extensive visibility into the supply network.
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Five Quotes to Inspire Procurement Success

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Aug 25, 2016 8:30:00 AM

We love to help our clients come up with new ideas and ways to procure the items they need. To get there, sometimes it’s helpful to look to the musings of great minds for inspiration.

We’ve pulled together a few thought-provoking quotes that remind us of procurement and motivate us to reach our goals.

  1. "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."- Albert Einstein

Success in procurement no longer stems from simply cutting costs, managing supply, and periodically improving your processes. To really make an impact and thrive in the midst of external market pressures, procurement teams need to go deeper by capturing new revenue, driving high impact financial growth, and proving their role as a major competitive weapon for the organization.

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Your Annual Event for Sourcing and Procurement Inspiration

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Aug 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Pack your bags and get ready for what attendees say is one of the best events they attend.

We know nobody likes attending conferences featuring sales pitch after sales pitch. That's why Innovation '16 is different - just world-class learning and networking.

Innovation '16 brings together finance, procurement, and executives to stimulate new ideas.

  • Leverage your spend control, sourcing and procurement solutions to achieve greater bottom-line value
  • Get inspired from other like-minded procurement and finance professionals
  • Collaborate and connect with peers and industry experts on best practices
Scottsdale in September 
Innovation '16 will be held September 18-20, 2016, in old town Scottsdale. Executives and practitioners should bring their teams to collaborate, learn, and grow. You'll hear from a distinguished group of speakers, including:

Dawn Tiura, CEO and President of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), SIG University, and Outsource, has over 26 years of leadership experience, with the past 22 years' focused on the sourcing and outsourcing industry. In 2007, Dawn joined SIG as CEO, but has been active as a speaker and trusted adviser since 1999, bringing the latest developments in sourcing to SIG members. Don't miss this opportunity to hear Dawn talk on Crossing the Divide between the CFO and CPO

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Mission Impossible: Adding Capacity to Procurement without Expanding the Team

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Jul 28, 2016 8:15:00 AM

To say procurement teams today are busy is a large understatement. Facing high expectations from the c-suite, ambitious cost savings and innovation goals and the looming reality of potential supply disruptions and noncompliant suppliers, teams have a lot on their plates. As procurement’s scope of responsibility grows, it can be challenging for teams that stay the same in size to keep up with mile long to-do lists and simultaneously find the time to be a strategic partner for the business.

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Optimizing eSourcing Through Adoption in 10 Steps

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Jul 14, 2016 8:30:00 AM

First off, let's all agree that eSourcing is unparalleled in its ability to return amazing ROI, as evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of large companies have eSourcing tools.

But just because an organization has an eSourcing tool doesn't mean they're using it to its fullest potential. And many aren't. Adoption issues plague eSourcing programs, but the organizations that are able to overcome these challenges reap huge rewards.

So what's coming between companies and eSourcing success? In the simplest of terms it comes down to one thing - fear of change.

How do you overcome fear of change? With information, education, and by providing proof and reassurance along the way that this uncomfortable period of 'newness' will all be worth it in the end.

When evaluating an eSourcing solution the implementation and management of the program should be top of mind - right along with feature functionality. 

The 10 program management essentials outlined below cover both the strategic and tactical ways to build adoption by making the process clear, repeatable, and overall less intimidating. 

  1. Category Discovery: Review all areas of spend to determine the best opportunities for eSourcing savings. Repeat this process annually.
  2. Implementation and Project Plan: Create a detailed blueprint outlining key personnel, program goals, and a plan of attack for achieving those goals.
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Webinar: Procurement Mega Trends

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Jun 30, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Jason Busch, founder of Spend Matters, a global content community dedicated to examining a range of procurement and supply chain issues, recently sat down to discuss the current and future state of procurement. 

"Everyday priorities can overwhelm us, whether it’s currencies or commodities. So we’ve got to think about how we can effectively manage these areas given the expanding role of procurement. We’ve also got to operate in a world that’s more complicated and gray. At the same time technology has evolved in silos. Yes, there are suites out there and yes companies are buying more and more modules yet the notion of one suite to manage procurement is absolutely ludicrous.

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4 Ways Sourcing Drives Business Value

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Jun 24, 2016 8:30:00 AM

"Smart sourcing" is not just for procurement. The approach can generate value that positively impacts every corner of the organization. From sales and finance to operations and marketing, sourcing can help every department grow and reach their goals.

Stakeholders without a procurement background may not fully understand at first how valuable sourcing can be, but its role in areas like finance, risk management, customer satisfaction and brand reputation can reap tremendous rewards when implemented throughout the entire business. Which areas have the greatest potential?

Finance: the foundation for the future

Sourcing is an incredibly effective way to improve your organization’s bottom line. Think more savings, new revenue and unlocked working capital. By taking suppliers to auction on a regular basis, teams secure fair pricing, and can often end up getting a better deal on key supply sources. It seems simple: by driving costs down, profitability goes up, but these benefits must be sustained, measured and optimized over time in order to see real financial gains.

Key metrics to track include total cost of ownership (TCO), cost avoidance and company valuation. Sourcing complex categories like OpEx and CapEx, focusing on TCO, and understanding how these purchases truly impact the bottom line helps drive stronger, more sustainable results. Ultimately, this financial impact will shape the growth and direction of the organization.

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PROACTIS Named to Spend Matter’s 2016 Providers to Know

Posted by Kelly Deacon on May 23, 2016 8:10:00 AM

We’re excited, not only to be back, but to have improved our position from a Spend Matters Provider to Watch in 2015, to a Provider to Know in 2016.

According to Spend Matters, The 50 Providers to Know list “highlights firms that continue to lead the charge on new procurement technologies and services driving innovation and changing the way we do business.”

In 2015 PROACTIS was hailed as a Provider to Watch for successfully carving out a niche in the UK for P2P as well as the acquisition of EGS Group, Intesource, and Intelligent Capture Limited. It was a strategy that allowed PROACTIS to expand and strengthen our Spend Control and eProcurement solutions and grow our vertical and geographical footprint.

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Making Sourcing a Strategic Supply Chain Asset

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Apr 29, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Companies that have mastered management of their supply chain have a distinct advantage over the competition. Just a 1-2% decrease in cost has a material bottom-line impact. So whether your organization falls into the mastery category, room for improvement, or somewhere in between - standing still is the surest way to fall behind the competition.

Sourcing, specifically, can create a significant advantage when companies think about leveraging the function as a strategic asset, rather than just a tactical means for securing savings.

Examples include:  

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction with unique and innovative new products, supporting the creation of an exceptional customer experience, or passing on savings
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