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The Value of Full Service e-Sourcing

Posted by Michelle Fombelle on Jun 5, 2012 9:41:03 AM


We’re continually being asked by organizations with and without a current e-sourcing platform what a full service approach can do for them. Where is the value? What do we get? The answer is simple...

What does full service really get you?
Full service will provide all aspects of e-sourcing support, while leveraging your internal expertise. It’s like adding more staff without the added extra expense. A full service approach allows our customers to run over 100 e-sourcing events per year, with just one dedicated resource.

Full service, all inclusive support includes:

  • Category Discovery & Optimization: Review all areas of spend and help with category selection
  • Supplier Discovery: Assist in finding new sources of supply
  • Specification Optimization & Consulting: Refine and enhance specifications
  • Event Strategy, Build & Execution: Gather event details, construct event and facilitate bid
  • Supplier Training & Management: Ensure all supplier participants are trained and comfortable bidding
  • Sample Facilitation: Aid in product sample collection
  • Event Reporting & Analytics: Provide post-event reports to stakeholders
  • And much more!

Currently have an e-sourcing platform in house with a team to manage it?
Full service e-sourcing is a great compliment to what you’re currently doing. It provides your team with the flexibility of custom event design as well as the ability to reach more spend. For instance, full service helps you reach the categories that take up too many resources, like snow plow or landscaping, helps when your team doesn’t have the time for new supplier discovery, or when a category doesn't fit within the structure of your tool. Full service support comes into play by simply taking the tasks your team currently doesn’t have the time or resources to reach off their plate.

Don’t have an e-sourcing platform yet?
The custom created e-sourcing process will integrate with your current business processes. There is no hardware, software or people required. Full service support covers all aspects of building an event while you maintain control - whether you need new sources of supply, RFI assistance, event setup or strategy suggestions, event execution, or supplier training we do it all while leveraging your experience and expertise.

Whether you currently have a tool or not, full service e-sourcing allows your team to focus on other strategic initiatives from contract compliance to supplier risk to green programs to name a few. Click here to learn more about the Intesource full service approach.

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