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Look outside the Box: Stretch Your Advertising/Marketing Dollars

Posted by Tracie Rohn on Sep 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Sourcing_Advertising_MarketingLet’s say you were challenged to solve a complex math equation with a paper and pencil or you could solve the equation with a computer program that would provide results more quickly that you could manually—the method you choose to get to the final solution is somewhat of a no-brainer—you choose the easiest, fastest and most efficient route to solve your problem.

I think it’s safe to say that just about every organization has advertising/marketing spend included in their annual budget.  As an example, in 2015 Grocery Retailers averaged about 2.5 billion dollars in advertising expenditures. How can you ensure your organization is managing that spend most effectively and efficiently? 

Advertising and marketing are an integral part of any organization and the challenge for Marketing Professionals becomes coming up with new and creative ways to stretch those dollars on a daily basis.  

Imagine if you had a way to streamline some of your day-to-day operations and could focus your attention elsewhere.

That is exactly what one of our clients has not only done, but done exceedingly well.  In one year they have hosted 100+ visual merchandising eSourcing events—they took their purchasing needs to the Intesource eSourcing platform to automate and simplify the daily process. These are blind pricing events rather than competitive reverse auctions. While they are consistently producing savings dollars the main advantage comes in the form of time savings.

The above is just one example of an outside the box utilization of our Managed Sourcing Solutions - other clients have set up highly successful programs to meet their advertising needs and each program has been strategized and is managed completely differently based on their timelines, requirements and expectations. 

What is something your marketing department does regularly that the Intesource eSourcing team could help to automate or streamline?

Below are a few example of the Savings for Advertising Events:

  • Ad Circular: 12.53%
  • Quarterly Promo-Printing and Kitting : 15.43%
  • Window, Rx and Vestibule Vinyl: 29.13%
  • Temporary Banners: 4.85%
  • Marketing Paper: 11.69%
  • Softlines Winter Reset: 15.10%
  • Spring Reset: 37.32%

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