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Sourcing Services: Creating the simple out of the complex

Posted by Lindsay Bernacchi on Jan 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM

As a sourcing professional, your needs are simple. You need to find the best value available to you today. Getting there may not be so simple. That’s where I come in.

Providing professional services for a full-service eSourcing organization means I wear many different hats – working with any number of different sourcing and procurement professionals on a variety of different categories. When we partner with a new customer or department there’s always a question of what exactly they should expect from the professional services team here at Intesource. So, here’s a glimpse into a day in my life.

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Results in sourcing through partnership

Posted by Tracie Rohn on Nov 13, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Successful sourcing requires more than a tool. It’s been well documented that many organizations that have eSourcing software don’t use it, or use it very little. That’s why we at Intesource have always taken a different approach. We partner with our customers -  guiding them every step of the way.

As a member of the Client Services team, I have daily interaction with both buyers and suppliers. It’s this visibility to both sides of the process that has given us an edge in becoming familiar with what it takes to make an eSourcing event successful.

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What if?...The Most Basic Question Category Managers Aren't Asking

Posted by Teresa Yost on Nov 6, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Did you ask yourself the big “what if” question when conducting your latest category review? 

What if you took a category and really analyzed it.  Dissected it.  Top to Bottom.  Analyzed the demand of an item and its true cost to produce.  Are you stocking the right items to support sales?  What are the most profitable items within the category?  Why?  Could the product mix be changed without sacrificing sales while increasing margins?  

These questions were raised in a recent category review for a private label wild bird food program. The retailer’s bird seed was a perfect fit for e-sourcing due to the uniform production capabilities among suppliers and relatively simple formulas. It was important to the retailer to standardize their offering; from the opening price point (OPP) items to their mid and premium tier products. Sales, margins and space productivity were also taken into consideration.

Event Spotlight – Private Label Wild Bird Food

  • Awarded savings of 19.3%
  • Number of participating companies:  5
  • Quotes:  234
  • Item Count:  23
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Smart Sourcing With SpartanNash

Posted by Lindsay Bernacchi on Aug 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Creativity and embracing the unknown are always important themes for a successful e-sourcing program. It is as true now as it was over a decade ago when e-sourcing was in its infancy. You have seen this idea discussed lately in the blog 7 Things To Remember When Trying e-Sourcing For the First Time and within the newly published ebook, Improving e-Sourcing Success Through Effective Program Management. Both discuss this idea and give great suggestions on how to go about the idea of trying something new.

SpartanNash, a wholesale distributor and grocery retailer, has always done a great job of trying new things and utilizing e-sourcing to their full advantage. Back in 2012 we published an interview with Carrie Quigley who works in the Information Technology PMO at SpartanNash. Her experiences are a great example of embracing change and using e-sourcing for projects that may not be something you would have thought about in the past:

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A Strategic Sourcing Success Story

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Mar 24, 2014 10:00:00 AM

In procurement the devil is in the details and many of those details come in the form of an extremely long list of not-for-resale products and services needed to run a retail operation (everything from facilities maintenance to supplies) along with carefully selected for resale categories. The cost of these products can weigh heavily on the profit margin of retailers. Fortunately, there is a way to substantially reduce these costs through the use of e-sourcing.

E-sourcing leverages the magic of the Internet to bring together multiple vendors of these products, who all get a shot at the retailer’s business. This process inevitably drives the price of goods and services down for the retailer.

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What the Best e-Sourcing Pros Do (and You Should Too)

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Mar 14, 2014 10:45:52 AM

Year after year companies are in a constant battle to control prices and boost margins. The fear of losing traffic is kicking stores into high gear to find ways to cut costs while maintaining quality, improving efficiencies, and saving millions--without increasing staff.

E-sourcing isn’t new – yet organizations that do employ strategic sourcing have struggled to implement an initiative that has real, lasting impact. In this article we reveal the secrets of e-sourcing success.

The keys to implementing, socializing, and managing an organization-wide sourcing strategy:

Get out there. Go beyond scheduling meetings – chat with stakeholders in the hallway, at their desk, don’t wait for the opportunities to find you.

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Life in Geek Central

Posted by Camise McNichols on Sep 17, 2013 1:00:24 AM

What normally comes to mind when you think Technology Department? Cube monkeys? Big computer rooms and lots of little gizmos, gadgets, blinking lights, and a few warm bodies huddling over their computers, fervently typing and solving puzzles? Well, that’s not too far from the truth! About a year ago I transferred to the Technology Department (and of course I miss my previous department and colleagues in Client Services!), but I immediately felt a sense of belonging. And it began with a Nerf Dart shot straight into to my eyeball. Ah, home.

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The questions your vendors are asking (Part 1)

Posted by Natalie Bernacchi on Jun 17, 2013 6:45:12 PM

There is never a dull day here at Intesource. On a “typical” day in the client services department, we are running live e-sourcing events, monitoring pre-bids, building RFX’s, following up with suppliers to ensure they are meeting their specific timelines, and completing trainings, just to name a few things that keep us busy. Let’s just say that multitasking is a must-have quality as a member of the client services department to ensure our customer’s e-sourcing projects are running smoothly.

A large portion of our day is spent communicating with suppliers – fielding questions that would typically go straight to the buyer. We take this responsibility very seriously.

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Account Manager: A Day In The Life

Posted by Lindsay Bernacchi on Feb 12, 2013 8:50:15 AM

As an Account Manager for a full-service e-sourcing organization I wear many different hats – working with any number of different people on a variety of different categories. Here’s a glimpse into a day in the life of an Intesource account manager.

Provide Insight

The most common thing I do is respond to requests from clients on specific categories they are interested in. It could be, they have never run an auction or RFP on Freight before and want general information on the category or there is a category like Racking that they have dealt with in the past but would like to know of additional suppliers or recent savings successes. There could be any number of requests or questions on any category under the sun.

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e-Sourcing Supplier Participants: In Their Own Words

Posted by Kelly Deacon on Oct 15, 2012 10:00:32 PM

Here at Intesource we make every effort to create e-sourcing solutions that are user friendly and supported by outstanding customer service - not only for our customer partners, but also for suppliers. Our goal is to create an e-sourcing experience that allows them to focus on gaining new business, rather than trying to figure out confusing technology and processes.

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