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World Cup Fever Meets Procurement Technology

Posted by Tracie Rohn on Jul 3, 2014 7:00:00 AM

The past few weeks the World has been alive with the fever of the 2014 World Cup, there have been over 1 billion Facebook posts about the World Cup!  It’s been tough to avoid, why anyone would want to baffles me—it’s the greatest game on earth (ok, maybe that is just my opinion), but ultimately the surprising success of the US Team has drawn even non-soccer fans to their TV’s to cheer on their country.  I’ve watched almost every game and then it hit me—the success of each team is based on so many factors which, strange as it seems, parallel with what it takes to execute a successful e-sourcing event.


You cannot win a soccer match without thoroughly planned strategy and tactics.  There is a systematic approach behind every pass of the ball, every corner kick and every run down the field.  This is similar to the necessary strategic plan behind employing procurement technology, and specifically - an e-sourcing event. Whether the best option for a particular category is an RFI, RFP or RFQ (or a combination of any or all)—the setup, execution and award of business are well thought out with a goal in mind (pun intended).

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Cats and e-Sourcing: 6 Surprising Things They Have in Common

Posted by Camise McNichols on May 22, 2014 8:00:00 AM

E-sourcing is where it’s at right meow! (Yeah, sorry for that one.) Whatever you purchase for direct, indirect or services, whether it be brochures/flyers, lawn care services, limes, floor care services, can liners, or bacon, the list goes on, e-sourcing can assist in your procurement needs. Cats…can also assist you to shred the brochures, eat the lawn, bat the limes around to help soften them up, cover your floors with hair so you know they need to be cleaned, fill your can liners with said fur from the cleaning, and steal your bacon. That was just the beginning of the cat – e-sourcing correlation. And here we go:

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New Year’s Resolutions: A Procurement Professional’s Guide to Success

Posted by Natalie Bernacchi on Jan 20, 2014 10:00:43 PM

Now that the New Year is in full swing it’s a great time to check in and make sure you’re staying motivated and sticking to your e-sourcing resolutions! Last year we gave you a list of our top 10 e-sourcing resolution suggestions.

Are there any on this list that you successfully accomplished? If so, let’s keep them going in 2014! Are there others that you may have put on the backburner or simply forgot about? It’s ok, you can focus on those more in 2014!

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Life in Geek Central

Posted by Camise McNichols on Sep 17, 2013 1:00:24 AM

What normally comes to mind when you think Technology Department? Cube monkeys? Big computer rooms and lots of little gizmos, gadgets, blinking lights, and a few warm bodies huddling over their computers, fervently typing and solving puzzles? Well, that’s not too far from the truth! About a year ago I transferred to the Technology Department (and of course I miss my previous department and colleagues in Client Services!), but I immediately felt a sense of belonging. And it began with a Nerf Dart shot straight into to my eyeball. Ah, home.

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Summer Fun – How well do you know the Intesource family?

Posted by Teresa Yost on Jul 29, 2013 10:00:39 PM

Over the years we’ve developed some really great partnerships with you, our customers. Most of us get to know one another on a somewhat personal level through our daily interaction; our likes our dislikes, what we did on vacation, pictures of our kids in their Halloween costumes and so on. Our blogging committee decided to test your knowledge of the Intesource family with this quick and fun exercise.

So you think you know us...?

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Ready, Aim, Fire!

Posted by Michelle Fombelle on Apr 12, 2012 1:00:44 AM

Intesource employees take part in a companywide team building event - laser tag.

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